Nicholas KELLEY

Nicholas KELLEY

Director Data Science & A.I. Portfolio Strategy and Innovation


Nicholas Kelley is the Director Data Science & A.I. Portfolio Strategy and Innovation in the central Novartis Data & AI organization, and has two main priorities. First, to identify, prioritise, and launch key use-cases with the mission of delivering reusable AI capabilities for the scientific and medical core of the business. Second, to better define the AI opportunities landscape and needed capabilities across the value chain. Here the key focus is on continued improvement of our Novartis data science foundation through innovative partnerships and by leading the data science community and capability building initiatives.Recent initiatives include seeding and driving AI solutions such as Generative Chemistry as part of the partnership with Microsoft Research, the first cross-Novartis Data Science challenge in collaboration with MIT, and launching the AI for Life Residency program.Nick has a formal background in computational methodology with a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Stanford University, with career experience in computational biology, chem- and bioinformatics, and most recently in the application of A.I. and machine learning in health.

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Panel Discussion AI Application
2023-02-10 | 11:00 - 11:50 | Conference Room Croisette